Everything you need is included in the package: I tested the frequency response with and without the load of the included earbuds, and, at below about Hz, it has the same bass rolloff as most dedicated MP3 players. There’s also a Verify Delete option to help you avoid unintentional file deletion. Although both the M-Audio and Edirol products have a bit recording mode, the Edirol unit tops out at Reviewer Nickname Leave blank for anonymous. Read our privacy policy. There are quite a few differences between the MicroTrack and its main competitor, the Edirol R

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I like that there are dedicated Delete and Record buttons on the front, so I don’t have to go into the menus to perform those basic functions. The device also lacks basic on-board editing capabilities like track naming, effects, splitting, and trimming. Your email will not be publicly posted.

If you’ve ever used a portable DAT recorder or even a MiniDisc to capture a rehearsal, concert, or even just ambient sounds, you’re probably familiar with many of the drawbacks of portable recording. You are currently logged in as a guest. And where using a T-mic would be unthinkable with any recorder that has moving parts, you’re covered with the MicroTrack because of the ,icrotrack recording media, which eliminates any device noise.

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This lets you hook up a high-end condenser mic, in addition to the included dynamic stereo T-mic a stereo microphone assembly shaped like a T, with one mic element at each end of the T’s crossbar. If you leave your info and details about your request, we will get the right person to call you back as soon as we can. One of the coolest things about the MicroTrack is the versatility of its input and micritrack options.


It comes with a soft carrying bag that can hold the MicroTrack but not much else. Read our privacy policy.

My Account My Orders. Overview Specifications Reviews Questions Back to top. The MicroTrack solves all this by recording to CompactFlash cards in compressed or uncompressed formats at up to bit resolution and a kHz sample rate.

The CF slot is on the right side.

M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96

Lots of input and output options. About the Author Mike Kobrin.

Variable based on data rate and storage medium battery life before recharge: With support for recording in full uncompressed WAV or compressed MP3 formats, you have full control over the quality of your recordings.

It’s oversensitive and nonadjustable, so getting mjcrotrack onto the right menu option or file is a pain.

M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder

Ask us a new question about: It also has built-in phantom power, which sends power to the mic through the audio cable. Your request has been received. One thing that’s missing is a volume indicator to show you where you are on the device’s volume scale. Despite the weak bundled earbuds and mic, the MicroTrack is the best of its class, and we’ve named it our Editors’ Choice.


The recording was clear, though there was some clipping due to the group’s volume, but my main concern was with a couple of “hiccups,” or digital glitches, that occurred every few minutes.

M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 – Portable CF Recorder

By creating an account, you can Monitor Order Status Print return labels Get easy access to your orders, products, drivers, and reviews. The buttons and switches on the front and sides are very simple to use, and the levels controls are linkable via the menu system. Both Windows and Mac versions of the popular full-featured recording software Audacity ship with the Microtrack, so theres no need to hunt down additional software.

Versatility that Meets Your Needs Use the Microtrack to record meetings, trainings, lectures, talks, or for any other field recording applications. Describe the question or issue you have.

M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder –

More digital voice recorder reviews: These items have the same guarantees as full-price products. It’s light weight and slim design and preamps make it perfect for stealth recording application as well as for musicians who want to record their live sets. Please share your review with us.

There’s also a Verify Delete option to help you avoid unintentional file deletion.