I also like the large ball of the Expert Mouse. I currently work in the video games industry making 3D assets with a TBE both at home and work. Will probably need a bearing turn, but looks good.. Like so many of you, I work long hours at a computer every day and no other device works as well for me as the TBE. Get the nearest Japanese Restaurant to order?

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I liken the extra motion required of your thumb to one of trying to operate those trackball mice that are designed to operate the ball with your thumb. Below is an email I sent to trackballworld. However, all mechanical things do break eventually and I sincerely hope for all of our sakes that a TBE 2. I cant use any other device but this trackball.

When you get the hang of it you should be able to do it without even marring the plastic noticeably. Logitech should make something comparable. Wikipedia has gotten into the action; the trackball article now includes info on the multiple write-in campaigns concerning trackballs.

Liten and learn Microsoft! Thanks for listening and please let me if someone needs help with this cloning effort. Maybe if I hit the lottery or something I can start a peripheral company or something and bring a version of the sidewinder trackball I made to the market for everyone.


I have a Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1. Works fine, more comfortable.

Most bearing shops will supply the correct size. Thanks guys another bunch of money spent on a Microsoft product they have decided to make redundant or no good reason. How does one e-mail MS to tell them that they should bring this mouse back? I occasionally play PC games,FPS etc,and I love what this trackball provides,in mmicrosoft and hardcore gamers will laff at peeps using a trackball lol.

Trackball Explorer 1.0

Download Alexa for your Windows exploger PC for free. Check the web, they show up sometimes. I was having problems with my Trackball Explorer. I look for a new trackball each and every time I go to the computer store, no luck. I too have been dreaming of the day the TBE comes back.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

What does it take to get Microsoft to bring back the Trackball? Could this be an actual prototype? If it is a different dialect at least this would be identified. Prices have soared on these since they’ve been discontinued many, many years ago, but I think it’s worth the extra cost to own one.


Furthermore, installing the wrong Microsoft drivers can make these problems even worse. I would suggest you to download Fxplorer 8 drivers and install them in compatibility mode.

The buttons are still messed up physically, and the bearings still wear out way to early, the scroll wheel is still in a stupid spot, but it may make that a more viable replacement for some. Keep the balls rolling!! It blows my mind that nobody currently manufactures a decent, comfortable trackball.

Nobody believed I was for real until they saw me in living color at LAN parties. Well, I gave it a shot.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Mouse X08 | eBay

I also think that they should be put back into production again, but that’s a different topic altogether I repair them and take absolutely paranoid care of them as to extend their lives as long as possible. Microsoft has doodoo in their marketing brains for not selling these again. Microsoft Trackball Explorer Drivers Download.

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