Message 2 of 4. Also, make sure you verify the instrument is set up to use GPIB. Message 5 of How do you communicate with it? Message 10 of I tried it like you suggested with single point measurements but the same error occurs. I also have compared the Max settingsof the two Computers and they were the same.

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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

No need to worry about as long as the driver comes from a known source …. So I set the current when I do the Keithley setup and just put the “read measurement” program from the device library in a while loop.

Most of the details are going to come from the manual for the instrument. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The problem is that all Computers are gonna be running on Windows 7 in the company because Xp is no more supported Do you use the very same hardware settings, including MAX settings, on both computers?


Keithley ke199 Meter

I still not understand, would you tell me precise about this. Does it have some loop that is preventing it from finishing?

That is GPIB fundamentals. Message 2 of DAQmx has no bearing on this situation. Message 8 of It is a control line and LF is part of the string you send.

Even then its not that accurate. Could that be causing the issue? If that change doesn’t work, attach the code and I’ll have a look.

Message 1 of 4. These are the extern Component. How do you communicate with it? Can You give me some hint how can I communicate with this instrument? You want to measure DCV on one channel repeatedly while also measuring temperature? The push putton changes the display of the input voltages. You seem to use the same? There labviee only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Most Active Hardware Boards: I agree with nyc that the units I have used, lanview switch enables one at a time.


Use “highlight execution” debugging to pin point which VI throws the error.

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So is understanding EOI. Use that other computer! There should be a querry command to programmatically find out which set of terminals it is reading. Message 3 of 8. Can you check the Keithley measurement with a simple DMM? Most Active Software Boards: It looks like error occurs when you have a channel closed and attempt to select current measurements in some cases.

I also have compared the Max settingsof the two Computers keithhley they were the same. Message 10 of This would be specified in the instrument’s manual.