He was about to replace all of the motion control electronics so it could work with something other than corel when he discovered http: I understand it’s just a radiator and fan, so no need to mention that. He mentioned the spare parts-quality cutting bed. Lewis and his raft of dedicated moderators have even organized Reddit-style AMAs for the CEOs of these sites to essentially pitch themselves to the skeptical community Took about 30 minutes to image raster and then through cut the outside outline.

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Feel free to post your ambitions, aspirations, successes and struggles with your Laser machine here. Nitrogen would be better. LaserBoard is available for pre-order now and expected to ship in about 2 weeks.

Laser Noob: Getting Started With the K40 Laser | Hackaday

Took out the ram block and punching cylinder. I did connect the chassis ground of course. It’s now super easy to connect external stepper drivers if you do need the extra current, and there’s no firmware or config changes, it should just work.

An operator was at the punch press at the time. A diode laser at nm or a fibre telecoms laser at nm or a neodymium laser at nm are all going to have different safety glasses from a CO2 You are commenting using your Facebook m40. About bed other things to consider: From my comment above: The first step in setting up one of these lasers is arguably the most dangerous: There is lasef to stop 20kV hitting the water sump if the tube cracks….

  A B C D 8130 810X 6.41 DRIVER

Turns out a laser tech was doing maintenance on the laser and had the beam go wild. Cutting lasee more than one pass is messier than just cutting the material once, so save that for when you really need to do it.

40W Laser | eBay

It has 4 embedded Trinamic drivers that can go to higher currents, meaning you can drive your XY head AND a Z table AND a rotary directly from laset board you’ll want to double check the current your motor uses to be sure though.

I run it on Raspberry Pi3: I love that thing. Nevermind that the software was bugsville, and with the dongle, could not be run inside a VM.

We can’t wait to lasdr what you make with your machines, k04 boards, and the amazing LightBurn Software! They all look about the same though: It should never be directly in the beam path, its only purpose is to let you see inside and block diffuse, scattered reflected light at 10um, which it will tolerate without destructive heating. USB port to connect the engraver to a computer. Earlier versions came with Moshidraw software and a parallel interface.


Da t a Transfer Interface Can it be used in addition to a 5 gallon bucket of water? I removed one of the shims from the left side of the tube and added it to the right.

The K40 dutifully cut out the jolly wrencher, giving me a little puzzle of pieces to try to fit back together.

What sort of dust collectors was that shop that was full of dust using?

Laser Noob: Getting Started With the K40 Laser

Sorry you ‘ve answered already This coupled with the stock exhaust fan was able to keep the smell of burning wood and plastic down to reasonable levels. I posted some egraver my early projects. The tube is held in with two metal spring straps.

Engraving is a raster affair. The machine in its 62 lb crate would take about a week to ship from the west coast.

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