I found it hard to report a regression in ubuntu system. Over the years, I’ve used loadlin, lilo, grub and PXE booting for diskless. For that reason, creating a copy of the old module would be advisable. Retrieved from ” https: What does return “uname -a” for you after booting on this 3. Damian O n-damian wrote on

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There a few bugs very similar to this, which all involve ee.

[SOLVED] Intel LM card

Yes ethernet works with 3. Upgraded to raring on 25 days ago UserGroups: Question, when I originally set up the kernel, I did the manual configuration. Sat Jul 13, August 15th, 5.

I think I have the right device drivers based on my ethernet controller, listed below, and I’ve tried selecting a few others that closely match its description, rebuilt my kernel, but still get nothing.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I’m re-trying it at the moment For instance, if you’ve asked for a static address of Hi Neddy, Well, I got some interesting results.


August 16th, 8. To confirm the report from 49, the kernel from this directory works fine: Based on quick testing here, this appears to be fixed in the current saucy 3. When I configured the system the network interface was eno1, and I then did: I’m still seeing this bug on Released Raring For that reason, creating a copy of the old module would be advisable.

None of the kernel make commands configure your boot loader.

Installing Intel Network Card Drivers under Debian – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

However, I was running out of patience when I couldn’t get networking started and ran genkernel thinking it would solve my problems. Have a look at Thomas-Krenn.

Remove any extra settings in NM. I have also downloaded the driver for the ,inux from intel and installed on the machine in ubuntu driver downloaded from here.

What kernel version do you have? When I get networking sorted out I’d like to upgrade to grub 2. Many times I could just reboot a few times and the connection would come up.


I’ll wait, and my thanks to the folks who fixed this. Thanks in advance for the patched kernel for testing. It shows me running I’m out of ideas, not sure what else to check for.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

However, some report it is fixed in v3. I will use solution 1 for the moment. I believe I am also experiancing this bug, but I am not able to use the workaround. Hey Ali, is your problem still existant? Adam Conrad adconrad wrote on Sun Jul 14,