Right-clicking the system tray icon lets you determine how your notes appear and behave. You’ll find options for changing the note color as well as the font type, size, and color. Notes can display texts such as the date and time when you launched it. Right-clicking a note lets you access other options, including the ability to insert file, URL, or program shortcut in the note and schedule reminder alarms (with the ability to select an accompanying WAV file).

Also, you can set recurring reminders and alert you by flashing the note or launching an application when it expires. Moreover, ATnotes has hot-key support, and allows you to search and organize notes into folders. The ability to password-protect notes or choose an application or document on which they will appear would’ve been great.

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MM Eisenbahn Bildschirmschoner has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English. Keybreeze is a powerful program launcher and file search tool that helps you use your computer in a faster and more productive way.

After installing it on your system, Keybreeze runs unobtrusively in the background and waits 228 your command without interrupting your work.

The program can be triggered with a customizable shortcut or by clicking on its icon in the system tray.

There are dozens of commands you can run with Keybreeze: open files and folders, launch websites, search your computer, run programs, automate actions, create notes, set 2 and a lot more.


The 2 includes a list of commands to which you can easily add your own.

That said, the truth is that Keybreeze could be improved in several ways.

The interface looks outdated, and the initial configuration is really counter-intuitive: if your browser is not stored in the default location, you have to manually type in the complete path.

Keybreeze is a handy desktop companion with multiple features: from running programs to launching websites.

Keybreeze is a small application that gives you an easier and faster alternative to use your computer. Instead 82 searching for programs in your Start Menu, or scrolling through your Favorites to get to a certain web page, you can open anything or perform any set of tasks from the Keybreeze toolbar.

This program is a command-line toolbar that lets you open files, folders, and websites by typing keywords. The toolbar is only visible when you are using it.

It disappears from your screen after you activate it and launch a command. You can quickly activate the toolbar by pressing a global hotkey (semicolon by default).

This will always activate Keybreeze, regardless of what program you are using. The hotkey can be changed to any key combination on your keyboard.

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