Protecting Your Notebook Wired Ethernet Networking Printing Files Across The Network Scheduling Notebook And Internet Use Faxing A Scanned Document They do feel sturdy though. Table of contents Table Of Contents

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Balanced mode is basically medium settings across the board.

Adding Icons To The Desktop Using The Windows Search Readeer Pretty standard stuff, there are no extra volume or other media control buttons like on some other consumer notebooks out there. Bluetooth and Infrared are not included. Caring For Your Notebook System Key Combinations About This Reference Scheduling Maintenance Tasks Startup And Hard Drive Password A faster hard drive would certainly improve load times, but at this price point and for the notebooks intended use, I feel the rearer is more then acceptable.

Transferring Files And Settings Manually Activating And Using Hibernate Mode The screen shows no wobble when pushed, and the hinges, while plastic, do feel sturdy.


Changing Power Modes Deleting Files And Folders Restarting rebooting Your Notebook The underside of the machine gets warm, but not to the point where I felt any discomfort. Identifying Drive Types United States Of America Connecting A Usb Device Changing Screen Settings Using Voice Recognition Copying Files Across The Network Sitting At Your Notebook Using The Tablet Input Gateday tip Checking Your E-mail Using The Gateway Web Site The build of the notebook is average.


Reducing Eye Strain Receiving And Viewing A Fax The palm rest barely gets warm, and when the fan does run it is quiet and hardly noticeable. There is also a purple light that shines on the front of the notebook when charging, it switches to blue when charging is complete and blinks red when the battery is low.

Using An Optional Port Replicator Setting Up Your Access Point