The packaging is composed out of a sort of folder with three thick cartboard sides top, bottom, side. The fast convenient service accepts the network. ARP has implemented the use of cookies in order to provide you with the best service possible. Software Retail Boxes Software Licences. When you lower your selector beyond the last row to the 4th row the SC’s modified Moonshell still displays twelve icons. Of course not, just like all other slot-1 flashcarts. Writer consistent with a previous use, plug and play, in the XP system will by default to U disk, without any exterior drive, the system automatically installs and identifies and saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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The GUI has a touch interface and is skinnable.

Once again, the G6 team relies on the older G6 menu designs. When you start up your SuperCard DS one after a teal seconds you will be greeted by a well known “ping”, letting you know Moonshell is done starting.

Because of the glossy layer on the sticker, it feels like it is sticking out more than it really is. Headsets Headsets Headset Accessories. The mini CD contains the latest firmware and instructions.

Oh, please be assured that as long as a little push from behind, the card will be taken out. However, the performance on the cart is phenomenal, and it does currently sport the highest download play compatibility.


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Dawn of Sorrow” animation titles do not slow down the phenomenon. It is awkward to insert and take out, but not really so bad. The G6DS Real does not damage or get damaged because of this.

The first extra reaedr I want to cover here is “auto-boot or DS menu”. By continuing to use this website, you agree carc their use. I personally liked the G6DS Real and would absolutely recommend it to anybody.

And also just to clarify this one for readef newbies. Inside the box we find a plastic holder for the components inside: However if you want the most recent firmware it is advisable to go to the official G6 Team site and download info from there http: Both use action replay cheats with support for a few other formats and both supply a number of pre-made cheats.

In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in Juneand even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts. It isn’t very straitforward but after working with it a bit you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Motorola Moto G6 DS Smartphone Blue

The taskbar has 4 pull-down menus; Saver, Other, Option, Help. Before the first use is recommended, do readsr full format, so as not to swap files and other problems.


Where i can find skins? Compare DS Flash Cards.

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In general all modern slot-1 flashcarts have near perfect NDS Compatibility. In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking at and perhaps even buying it. The teal sadly doesn’t have an image showing the proper orientation of the microSD card which, although it isn’t very important, is too bad.

SuperCard DS One v2. Credits to Drackel for this tip The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up.

Plus, take wide-angle selfies with fun face filters on the 8 MP front camera. Here however all icons move position in order to fill the last row. Although these things are promised by the G6 team both are not available yet.

Cheats in general can have some crazy negative effects some times regardless the console or the cheat device, especially the advanced ones.

Speed of all the games as same as original. Separate names with a comma. Unless Ninty decides to block the current slot-1 flashcarts in new DS Lite models.