If the command produced no output, the window will be empty. View answer in context. September 18, at 3: You can choose between dictionary attacks with various mutations and GPU-accelerated brute force. With recent update, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery gained the ability to attack plain-text passwords in addition to user account passwords protecting disk volumes encrypted with FileVault 2.

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March 27, at Buy another drive and copy the files to the new drive, then unencrypt your old drive and change the password. However, it’s quite wupports. The encryption process time will vary depending on the size, speed, and remaining capacity of your boot drive. Sep 18, 4: If you’re backing up to another Mac, you can use Disk Utility on that Mac to erase non-boot drives and put wupports encrypted partition on them:.

How to Encrypt an External Drive in Mac OS X Quickly

We recommend shutting down both Macs before proceeding, however. Make sure you take a screenshot and print the page, or anx it down and keep it in a safe place You can have Apple store the recovery key for you. FileVault 2 will inform you of the strength of your password.

You can check on the status of your encryption to know when it is finished by typing:. Or is the maximum per second on filevault 2?


Click Utilitiesthen Terminal in the icon grid. We need to be careful and not assume our password will always be the last one guessed. Here is what the “Turn On FileVault October 14, at 7: I end up with a lot of information such as copies of birth certificates, family photos, and other documents that I suppors not be comfortable having other people access without my fireiwre.

It could get confusing.

How to Encrypt an External Drive in Mac OS X Quickly

Apple replaced the hard drive, but now, I want to recover my files from the old hard drive Time Machine. View answer in context. Will this software help me with this major problem? The encrypted drives are not compatible with other Operating Systems like Windows or Linux.

Found out the hard way in an MDD with multiple drive bays, and only later located a relevant apple doc:. September 18, at 3: Post the contents of the TextEdit window not the Terminal window tirewire, if any — the text, please, not a screenshot. Is this recovery method attacking the bit recovery key or the bit AES key?

Mac OS Forensics: Attacking FileVault 2 | ElcomSoft blog

The process for booting from a Target Disk Mac is mostly the same as described above; connect the two Macs together and boot one Mac in Target Disk Mode.


Is there anything that I can do? Besides using Target Disk Mode to copy or edit files, you can also use it to repair drives that are misbehaving. While brute-forcing a bit key seems easier than attempting to brute-force a bit key, the security of a bit key is still enough to make the attack unfeasible. What am I doing wrong?

Encrypt External Drives with Mac OS X Lion’s FileVault 2

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. What You Need The list is short, but essential.

When the drive is mounted, the user suppprts prompted for one of the passwords allowed to unlock the drive. This is an alternate method of forcing your Mac to start in Target Disk Mode.

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