If you do not need to change the default values, or if you are unsure about any of the procedures below, keep the default values. To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. Most Recently Used — Use the most recently used path if the path is available. Theses are connected to two Dell PowerConnect switches each controller is connected once to each switch. I don’t want to have all the VM crash if one of the router or controllers go down which is what will happen if the VM is booted out of a virtual disk stored on the SAN and the connectivity to the LUN is lost.

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Note – Henceforth, the multipath daemon must start at bootup. RAID 1E requires a minimum of three disk drives. Third-party PSPs have their own restrictions.

Most of the discussion in this chapter involves hardware RAID. Feedback Please rate this article. There are, however, important differences between the LSI and Adaptec functionality.

To Configure Multipathing After Installation

Actions Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! The second option will probably require that I create a trunk between the two switches and it will also makes impossible for a Windows server to use the multipathing option I’m not even sure how I can have it connect correctly.


One server blade disk drive is a hot spare. The fourth server blade disk drive is a hot spare.

VMWare ESX and iSCSI multipathing – Ars Technica OpenForum

Well, since no one apparently know how to answer this, I want out and tried. You see any disks on the server as sdasdband so forth.

The preferred flag, while sometimes visible, is not applicable to the MRU pathing policy and can be disregarded. Feedback Please rate this article.

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If multipathing is enabled, the OS hides the second path. The fourth disk blade disk drive is a hot spare. Lowering this value can, in some scenarios, drastically increase storage performance in terms of latency, MBps and IOPS.

Thank you for answering. Feb 13, Last Updated: Jul 19, Posts: On active preferred- The Path status contains the status of the path. Contact your IBM XIV Support representative to obtain a script that can balance the preferred paths automatically and assist you in this task.


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The default multipathing policy in ESX 4. The Solaris, Red Hat Linux 5. Tue May 27, To increase storage throughput, you can change the value from to a lower value.

multpiath Consequently, you cannot use multipathing software at the OS level. Tue May 27, 2: Request a Product Feature. In such a case there is only one path to each SAS disk.

Multipathing and load balancing with ESX or ESXi hosts

See the Additional Information section for references to the arrays and the policy they are using. One is not included in a volume. However, here multupath my understanding on what this implies, please correct me if I’m wrong: The active path is vmhba2: