The details are rather involved, but there are various resources you can use that make it all very simple. You can find a list of the codes in http: If byte 4 is set to 04 then byte 5 contains modifiers like control, shift, alt, etc and byte 6 contains the key code. The remainder of this article describes the gory details of configuring the Microsoft remote. Channel up button on the universal remote.

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Drivers for eHome Infrared Transceiver? – Microsoft Community

I have used one day to find a driver to this device, fhome all I have tried not working! Note that the standard MS remote uses number 13 for this button.

First I have tried to search on my Windows XP Service Pack 3-install-cd, and after that I researched on my cd from the manufacturer of my motherboard, but I not can find the correct drivr!

The seven bytes in the row are:. The addon includes an option to display the instructions. The exceptions I know about are:.

Ever heard of Google? The 7 bytes would be:.

Using a Microsoft remote control in Windows

Each row defines one button. If byte 4 is set to 01 the eHome driver may generate a multimedia keyboard keypress.


They are the keys with the “HID usage page” set to 0C. Navigation menu Ehom tools Log in Request account. This article applies to remote controls that use the Microsoft eHome device driver. Retrieved from ” https: To give a specific example, suppose you want to configure the Play button to send the Media Center keyboard shortcut for “Play”, the 7 bytes would be:.

You can find a list of the codes in http: EliteGamer has written a registry config file and associated keyboard. Thanks to the many people who put effort into discovering these numbers.

Windows will react as if a key had been pressed on the keyboard. Text on this page is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. From Official Kodi Wiki. Views Read View source View history. The only reason for continuing with this article is if you want to customise the Microsoft remote to change the actions of any of the buttons or to make the Info and coloured buttons work. Play then Pause the media on alternate presses. The key codes for the multimedia keys are also listed in http: The eHome driver can be configured by modifying the registry details below.


Goobus, Jan 31, Hi everyone, On my computer there running Windows XP, I can see that the guide came up and tell me that my computer have found new hardware a device called eHome Infrared Receiver”, but what is this? Remotes Microsoft Windows How-to.

Channel down button on the universal remote. For most people this will be fine, and in that case you don’t need to do anything further. The following table lists all the known button numbers. Only the curious and determined need read further.

Using a Microsoft remote control in Windows – Official Kodi Wiki

The remainder of this article describes the gory details of configuring the Microsoft remote. This means that there is transcieger byte available to specify the key modifiers, so you cannot combine a multimedia keypress with ctrl, shift, alt, etc. When I look in the device manager, I can see that the “eHome Infrared Receiver” not could be recognised correctly!