Radio, line-in recording, voice recorder, photo playback, video playback. However, they are now isolated to the lower section of the device’s front. Retrieved from ” https: This is a text book example of difficulties branding across different purchasing segments- selling a lower quality product when you are a premium brand, consumers can be put off. What iRiver has done is try to stick with the layout used on past models, such as the Clix, where arrows in each corner of the display corresponded to different functions.

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To be more specific I would put it in the upper low end of the market. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, System Requirements Additional Requirements.

iriver E – Wikipedia

Equalizer Factory Preset Qty. Best MP3 Players for On the converse it would be difficult for SanDisk to release a premium Sansa.

Do however keep in mind that iriver is trying to reach the lower flash player market and in doing so they had to sacrifice slightly on quality. The modern design, typical to iriver does well in fending riiver wear and tear. Supported Digital Audio Standards.

Would you buy this? Bottom Line While f100 does the job just fine, iRiver’s flash based portable media player the E does have a few niggling issues that set it back a notch from some of the competition. Furthermore, it can at times be a little confusing. Headphones Output Power per channel. The edges of the iRiver 4 GB MP3 deftly conceal the power button, a volume control switch, locking mechanism, a microphone, and a reset button, along with a mini-USB port for syncing music with the player and recharging the battery.


Setting Radio Tuner channel with iriverplus3. They are pretty basic and won’t be any good for day-to-day use but they suffice in a pinch.

However, before doing this go to the folder: SRS WOW theoretically helps compensate for errors caused by compression in music, but we felt it gave quite a digital tone to our tunes and preferred to have it switched off. This is evidenced by iRiver’s latest entry-level player: This riiver doesn’t belong on this page.

It includes a five-band equaliser that can be tweaked manually or set using presets, shuffle and loop modes and SRS WOW audio boost. Our main complaint is that everything feels a little sluggish.

iriver E Specs – CNET

However, they are now isolated irier the lower section of the device’s front. It wasn’t the best unit we’ve ever heard, but it was on par with competing units from companies such as Apple and Samsung. Ee100 video player operates fine, but is definitely one of the weaker elements of this unit due to the fact that the screen isn’t great quality.


By the way, you can use this iRiver as a dictaphone. The open design of the iRiver E 4 GB music player features a control toggle button in the center just below a large, 2. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Min Hard Drive Space. One other notable feature of this model is the built-in FM tuner with all the standard options.

iriver E100

Sound quality was good on w100 whole, with a fun, detailed mid range and well-controlled bass. Audio codec is supreme supporting all the major licensed and open source file types. Cons Unintuitive controls, sluggish at times, screen not as impressive as competition.

The player unfortunately doesn’t sort alphabetically.

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