Archived from the original on 19 November However, there were a few areas where the original iPAQ was lacking. Acquisitions HP spying scandal Products Mission: Finally, Compaq addresses user two of the most urgent user requests by adding an internal SD slot, and a more powerful battery. These devices were aimed at consumers, rather than the traditional corporate audience.

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Compaq iPAQ H3800 Series Pocket PC

Archived copy as title. The H has a SD card slot at the top of the device. And while expansion sleeves are great, now that those tiny SD Secure Digital cards are available, it wouldn’t hurt to have a slot for them, in addition to the sleeves. Archived from the original on 19 November In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It had a four-bit grayscale display, running on Pocket PC Archived from the original PDF on May 17, Retrieved 17 June These devices were aimed at consumers, rather than the traditional corporate audience. The frontal navigation disc looked great but really didn’t work very well, probably because it was mounted on top of the iPAQ’s speaker. In fact, it even replaced the sleek Palm Vx as the most desirable and most wanted PDA in the eyes of many.


Compaq Projectors: Compaq iPAQ MP DLP projector

More on that later. You push on the comppaq to make it pop out. In terms of under the hood performance, there aren’t any noticeable changes.

The four application buttons flanking the nav disc are smaller now. In JuneHP retired the h3xxx line of iPAQs and introduced the h1xxx line of iPAQs targeted at price conscious buyers, the h2xxx consumer ioaq, and the h5xxx line, targeted at business customers.

Compaq iPAQ MP3800 Projector

Even if the connector were the same, the dock’s plastic cone that fits into the older iPAQ’s AC jack has nowhere to go, thus preventing its use with the new model. H or H [5].

They wake up the device when pushed, are software programmable, and have tiny icons on them. HP continues to advertise the series and the Glisten on its website, however. After a rough beginning where expansion sleeves were nearly impossible to find, it became obvious that people ipq the flexibility of multi-format expansion sleeves.

Pen Computing Magazine: iPAQ

And Compaq’s expansion sleeve solution was too big and bulky. The icons are too small to really be read, but as long as the buttons have default functions I suppose they must have some sort of marking.

co,paq As of Aprilno new models have been announced. Compaq probably also didn’t deviate too much from the original design because the “old” model lives on in the form of the H series that benefits from minor modifications primarily to accommodate Pocket PC compared to the initial iPAQ. Acquisitions HP spying scandal Products Mission: The device went on to become far and away the most successful Windows-powered handheld ever. The AC adapter now either plugs into the cradle 38000, via an adapter, directly into the docking connector.


I hope Compaq will offer different cradles.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved February 13, Not to be confused with iPad.

Most visible is the addition of a opaque piece of transparent plastic the kind that usually sits on top of IR ports that wraps around the top end of the device. Compaq presumably upgraded the battery to cope with the faster CPU’s power requirements. The expansion strategy gamble likewise paid off. On the front, the dark plastic lens is flanked by two notification lights.