Expand the Ports node on the tree, right click on the COM port that your response box is plugged into, and select the Properties command. Of course many other patterns are possible, if the subject is pressing more than one button simultaneously. Categories Recent Discussions Activity. Is compatibility with OpenSesame the only reason that want to buy the SR Box which is kind of expensive? Once all four dipswitches have been set to the down position, the serial port must be configured with the compatible settings. There is actually fairly detailed documentation enough to program an interface of the XID protocol here: July edited July in OpenSesame.

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Bryan Paton If your box uses a standard serial port connection, you can cedrjs and receive the data packets to the box. The RB-x30 devices are the third and, as of the time this article was written, latest generation of response boxes from Cedrus.


July edited July When the box is shipped, all four switches on the device are down by default, which corresponds to a baud rate of see the image below. Inquisit uses this protocol to automatically i.

On a laptop it will generally bktton the next free COM number. The bits of each character indicate the current state of the buttons.


I’d imagine so, but I don’t have one to test. OpenSesame is among them. The second character is divided buttoj the following: Recall that the bit is set 1 if it’s released, and clear 0 if it’s pressed.

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this problem. If the allowed responses are important, you could probably ask for a Python code snippet to communicate xedrus the Cedrus box on their support forum.

Cedrus (response boxes) — PsychoPy v

Thanks and best wishes, Merle. The first character is always “k”. Although Inquisit can use any baud rates supported by the device, we’ll just use with the default setting offor the sake of simplicity.

I looked on the Cedrus website, and they claim to offer support for Python. The RB-x20 devices are the second generation of response boxes from Cedrus. In this mode, the button box generates a single character for ANY change in button state – both button presses and button releases generate a character. When buttln button is pressed a 6 character response is send through the serial port.

Just to be perfectly sure, if you click on the ‘Edit script’ button, does it look something like this? For example in Matlab use the bitget function to test if a specific button was pressed:.

  CP 5614 A2 DRIVER

Cedrus Response Pad RB-740

Please see the following topic:. I would buttn to set the “duration” of a sketchpad by keypress of the SR response box, and not the keyboard. Could OpenSesame collect the responses without the E-Prime? This is a great sample for scripting against an XID response device, and it will display the numeric values of any button you press.

Is this what you have done? See also the support page at the Cedrus website: The dipswitches on the back of the response box control the response mode and baudrate that the device uses to signal the serial port. The first step in using the cedrsu device is to plug it into a USB port on your computer and install the device driver which you can download from Cedrus’ web cefrus. But then again, I’d need a Cedrus box to actually test it.

Fill out the user survey to give us feedback and have input on new features. I use the responsebox “Cedrus RB”. July edited 4: