Document moves across stationary CIS unit Placing a document face up in the document support activates the document front sensor, switching to ADF scanning. Narrows by 10 Hz Busy tone frequency band control: The printer prints unexpectedly or it prints garbage. Black and blurred horizontal stripes User Check 1 The drum unit may be damaged. High-voltage Check the connections of Replace the high-voltage power power supply the connector between the supply PCB. Page WSW No. High temperature and high humidity conditions can cause this problem.

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Automatic Setting of the equalizer: These selectors activate or deactivate the dial tone detection function which detects a dial tone when a line is connected to the PABX.

Page 9 Remove the diffusion film. Print paper Is the specified weight of Recommend to use the specified the recommended paper types of paper.

Completely blank Ground Possible cause Check Remedy Step Result contacts Developing Are the developing bias Clean the electrodes at bias contact contacts between the printer both sides. Side Cover L 5. Page I Black spots User Check 1 If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum unit may have glue from label stock on the exposure drum surface.


Fan Motor 60 Unit 5.

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Clean the corona wire with the wire cleaner. Page 62 Transfer Transfer process After the drum has been charged and exposed, and has received a developed image, the toner formed is transferred onto the paper by applying a negative charge to the back of the paper. Return to the initial stage of the maintenance mode. Shorter 1 0 1 0: PC with the USB cable directly. ecp7010r

High-voltage Check the connections of Replace the high-voltage power power supply the connector between the supply PCB.

Ball 5 -7 8 Confidential The latter half of this chapter provides sample problems that could occur in the main sections of the machine and related troubleshooting procedures. Longer 3 1 0 1: User Check 1 Verify if the power switch is turned off.

Brother DCP7010 Service Manual

Page M Pickup function of paper tray does not work. Page 31 HK only HK only Page 68 Cover page sample End page sample 4 -2 Confidential Select the applicable model name.

Place the printing samples in front of the drum unit, and find the exact position of the image defect. Page 94 41 Remove the two springs.


The flow of the ion charge is controlled by the grid to ensure it is distributed evenly on the drum surface. Speaker is silent during on-hook dialing. Foreign body Is brorher foreign body caught on Remove xcp7010r foreign body.


Main Motor Assy 5. Preparation, How To Access The Object Component Preparation Prior to proceeding with the disassembly procedure, Unplug the modular jack of the telephone line, the USB cable, if connected not shown belowand the modular jack of the external telephone set if connected not shown below.

I Ghost User Check 1 Check the paper used meets the recommended paper specifications. It includes information required for troubleshooting and service–disassembly, reassembly, and lubrication–so bgother service personnel will be able to understand equipment function, repair the equipment in a timely manner and order spare parts as necessary.

Page 2 Release the three hooks to remove the speaker cover. Obtained compensation data ineffective 0 0 1: Selector 7 is applicable to models equipped with ADF units.

Eject actuator spring Paper eject actuator Paper eject actuator Rear chute cover Paper eject actuator Page 83 5 Close the ADF unit and rbother unit.