First certified Beholder production is offered by our trade partner from Bulgaria – Beholder Europe Ltd. What is attractive for modern customer in this compact standalone box that doesn’t require software installation? But if there difference from “inside”? Due to innovative approach in developing and application to production of new unique technologies to this market segment, launch of every new TV tuner model become a true remarkable event. Words mixed up, breath disrupted, pulse raised, but let’s cope with this excitement and see, what represent these novelties in characteristics. All that it was possible to create, all achievements of indistry presented by this model.

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Behold TV 401 Drivers Download

Today we want to tell about new plugin “Crawling line”. In addition to these valuable multimedia capabilities, Behold TV H7 will show the signal from external device on your display or will record it.

In essence, this is the nature of company Beholder that launches products that have especially ponderable competitiveness. Perfect implementation of browser and support of most videofiles allows us to treat tablet as excellent media for “content consuming” and spending the time with pleasure.

To be more specific, in new models payed much more attention to comfort and functionality of remote control — possibility to use foreign remote controls, turning PC on from remote control and so on.

Durability and fool-proof work are one of the major SSD identifying features that worry the targeted users. More… 26 August In our Downloads page released driver version 5. In the rest it is very good tablet PC, which, no doubts, will attract the attention of potential buyers.


As a bonus — 3D picture. The only hybrid that from the beginning is intended for country with analog TV broadcast.

Behold TV FM Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista –

Gigabyte GA-XUD5 falls under this category of motherboards and is a perfect alternative for customers with specific requirements and average wages. You may download plugin in our Downloads page. Review of new plugin on site Hwp. As it was stated by manufacturer, Behold TV RDS has excellent sound and picture quality, godd sensitivity of RF-module, providing stable reception of TV and FM channels, and, of course, has very functional application software, which is, no doubts, best in the market.

More… 18 December In our Downloads page released driver version 5. We hope for futher fruitful cooperation and promise to please our worshippers by new, perfect products — for true experts in quality and reliability!

Latest Behold TV FM Driver download for Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP

The opulence of solid-state drives in PC market promotes for a sufficient supply to all potential customers. That’s why lovers of videocapture should suppress their greed: At the same time, company launched at once two models — hybrid Wander and analog Voyage, both with FM-radio support.

The inbuilt CPU coolers can be mm tall. But in mass sector all capabilities of X7 are extraneous. Indeed, the user pays for good stuff relatively powerful hardware, large accumulator capacityand Retina display is for gift.

You may download it in our Downloads page. Be attentive when downloading.

Then imagine my surprise, when in the beginning of April I got for test the new 9. So, if mentioned disadvantages are not important for you, you may easily buy Behold BeTAB — it worths the money it costs.


Download driver Behold TV 401

No doubts, there are interesting models of standalone TV tuners on market that have similar hardware stuff and promising support, of course not all but many of announced SOLO II features, but nevertheless, when start to study them deeper, it turns obvoius that they are far to the high level, established by Beholder.

In connection to this, new products appear not so frequently, but every tuner has a long lifetime before phasing out, and support by driver and software updates.

For us, however, as for many worshippers of Beholder TV tuners, this event has a great significance. It should be underlined that with the development of ever newer technologies ascribed to the design of micro chips, SSDs increased their work immensely.

Of course, we can’t treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant design cover these disadvantages. First of all this plugin will be helpful for the owners of wide vm with aspect ratios Taking into account the previous experience with Beholder, one may say for sure that they’ll be improved on and will get new settings.

What is attractive for modern customer in this compact standalone box that doesn’t require software installation? Or all the trick is just another type of antenna connector?