Other controls are integrated in the display properties. This a bug fix release for people getting “No capture device found! The drivers had to be extracted to a temp directory. This is fixes the “CaptureGraphBuilder failed! Not much has changed since the last release. For overclockers, you can push up the core speed up to Mhz and the ram up to Mhz using Power-Strip. These are the 3D Features:

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Note that this Gamma control adjusts the Gamma for all modes, regardless of colour-depth, resolution, 2D or 3D.

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Draw a nice icon and make a fancier about dialog Automatically detect contrast and saturation inversion Automatically adjust the vertical ccapture locking Installation program Support for remote controls like the UIR. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.

Coupled to the fact that it’s core was very advanced, nVidia had to settle for a normal 0. ASUS, an extremely well known manufacturer for it’s motherboards due to it’s history of well-built motherboards, good features and fairly cpture prices.

AGP-V Series | ASUS Global

Price is not very tempting enough. The drivers had to be extracted to a temp directory. Not much has changed since the last release.


Feedback is welcome, just send me acpture marked Cable Decoder. It still has the same updating problems as the previous version but a new features are added. It can output to TV with a desktop resolution of x or x It has the 0. Since my cable TV company has stopped to sending the pay channels on the analogue net, it is no point for me to continue developing Cable Decoder.

I downloaded new Bios 2. If you have any suggestion, just send cxpture a mail marked Cable Decoder. The box design is not as professional like other brands but they have all the essential product info and explanation. Incoming game is getting old to be enjoyed as a game to bundle along. Since they are newer than most established brands in the video-card arena, they have priced their video-cards at fairly good prices.

Cable Decoder is a program written by me, Marcus Gustafsson, that allows you to decode scrambled cable TV.

MS Windows 98 Build 4. Here’s a snapshot of the board:. Other changes consists of: The manual itself is slim and is of the normal Asus standard.

To decode just invert the contrast and saturation and set the brightness almost to the minimum and lock the vertical fapture and enjoy free cable TV. That’s new and something very convenient. Captjre updates were easily applied. The board is a bit long for a TNT-based card. The 1st one can be executed through DOS, by the normal way and the 2nd one is a Bios that can update the card through Windows itself!


Installation of the card is very straight-forward like many other cards and is well documented in the manual.

I also written a FAQplease read it. It’s stability is a bit flaky at this speed.


So there’s a video-card for every asis at every budget. This description captkre for me. No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster. This a bug fix release for people getting “No capture device found! It allows you to lock and unlock the vertical sync and adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness and hue. The manual’s cover looks interesting, has many geometrical shapes rendered in 3D with an ocean as a base reminded me when I was using Bryce-3D to render landscapes for fun!