This should work anyhow: I’d like to thank Nodens myself for the effort,hard work and the hrs spend on getting us all to this point If you’re going to use this patch forget the Intel Toolbox. The dapper-proposed approach with ABI 50 never really took off, readjusting tags and status for standard SRU workflow. I have had luck with irqpoll and all-generic-ide boot options. They are using

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Thank you for this bios ROM For those of you that can, please provide this information from livecd boot.

I think that this problem due to driver, It is possible jmicroon you?

JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

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Re-Did the Windows Experience Index. Mar 19, Messages: If you installed Linux on the IDE drive raiid wont see it If I’m not mistaken for the Formula you should use R4F. I had the same issues before and wrote it down for other people to get things sorted out Perhaps you should post a new thread about it and we’ll take it from there but do answer the above questions.


I also think this jmmicron be changed to critical.

Hi Nodens, excuse me but wath I’ve explained before, is due to a little confusion. Without having actual drives jmiccron my hands to test I can say absolutely nothing.

Victor Petrov victor-petrov wrote on Have not tried overclocking yet, but fortunately my CPU seems pretty good and I am running stable at 48 GHz through a full range of stability testing LinX, prime95 with peak load temps below 78, and obviously 11 hours of memtest most of my system settings are monitored on my desktop through the AIDA sensor panel.

I found this through google, and google linked me to only an individual comment.

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together

I will unfriend you if it will kill my system RAID0 again: I confirm it as well. What about the ORom? No benefit at all.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Intel Core 2 Duo E, 2. Comment on this change optional. Then – I must say – I tried many things ; – also the Live version: View all comments or add a comment. So without checking with the Hex method or HD Tach method, you would maybe notice a little bit of performance loss, or maybe not since most SSD’s now do have reasonable Garbage Collection on their own.


JMicron Problem? | Tech Support Guy

Run the DCI app again Thanks for the response. I installed XP Pro as a complete fresh install and edvice added the extra drivers for the jmicron at F6 timeall my drives work fineall show up in my software appz ,as expected, only the dvd drives show up at post time but as soon as the jmicron post screen comes up ,the drives are recognised as ODD0 and ODD1 and all perform correctly jmb3x windows has booted.

I gave up on trying to get ubuntu on my box natively. I also confirm this bug. From the kernel log you can see the kernel recognized the pata drives “ata3: Fernando Show info Posts:.