February 12, at 9: I got a welcomed Operation Completed Successfully. March 30, at 3: This site uses cookies. I ordered the Plugable adapter from Amazon and downloaded the driver from your link above and it worked perfectly! Upon successful install, I promptly plugged it into my home network and saw my Wi-Fi wireless connection was apparently disabled meanwhile.

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The speed was not as good as I was hoping but it was much faster than the wireless. I talked to sales and asked them to order me one. January 17, aasix 1: Details of the crashes were sent to Microsoft upon reboot. I wonder how many other devices are subject to this fate?

April 25, at June 28, at 3: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The option does not exist. November 8, at 2: Until that time I will try to provide it here if possible via this link.

Interesting, yes please let us know. I will try it out on the Surface when I get a chance. Also, if you had the 8. Microsoft has asked ASIX to pull the driver from their site.


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Reboot When you reboot the computer, it will go back to normal mode and the device should appear normally in device management console and driver should work properly.

The only problem I have seen is my tablet has repeatedly rebooted while sharing the Internet out to 8 PCs at a time. Would you please send me your driver? I am bout to frustrate why it is not working for my RT. Your Ethernet adapter will continue to work when you upgrade but you have to force it to use the Built-in driver. Upon successful install, I promptly plugged it into my home network and saw my Wi-Fi wireless connection was apparently disabled meanwhile.

Nevertheless it works and now I can use Ethernet at the office and for debugging or programming network devices while connected via wireless. There are a few MacBook Airs in the office and with optimism I grabbed one of their adapters and plugged it into my Surface.

Although these devices may work, the drivers are not supplied by Microsoft, and are not supplied by the manufacture, and took some hacking around.


AX88772C — USB2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller with Microsoft AOAC Support

All 3 of our Surfaces are now Ethernet-ready! The Microsoft Surface only comes with two ways to connect to the outside world, WiFi and Bluetooth 4. They state as compatible on the MS website but would not install. Sorry to bother, but could you post the link to which driver you have used? How can you force it to use the built in driver? Seems like it would work for 10 to 20 minutes and then crash. Very informative chart showing what devices are compatible with the different flavors of Windows, including RT.

I had to have my Surface replaced. Kwhich uses the Asic AXA chip. November 8, at Say ok to any warnings.

Confirmation order had been placed, and then I wait.