Chronit produced a system very similar to AMB’s, but they are no longer in existence. Check out David and Duncan. You can make 1 30 day license to check out bbkRC Pro. Where there is a choice, please choose the download site closest to you. Loop Connection Box C:

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Loop Connection Box C: This may be seen by many users of AMBrc as a backwards step but I believe that the power requirements of the new decoder are too great for USB. You can make 1 30 day license to check out bbkRC Pro. If you are updating an earlier version of bbkRC please read this. KO Propo have released two systems onto the market, one works with Mini-Z cars and uses the signals emitted by akbrc receiver unit to count the cars.

If you have a bbk DOS Race Program license you can import import the data and also use the license anbrc make a 90 day evaluation license.

Find More Posts by Bob Malphurs. AMBrc systems were introduced in the year to replace the popular System 20, the new system introduced the ability to have personal transponders as well as handout rechargeable’s System 20 transponders will not work on AMBrc systems or visa-versa.

A transponder system is a significant purchase, make sure that the system you want to buy is suitable for your purpose, visiting another track might be a good idea to see the us being used. Might want to check the manual amnrc Find More Posts by Bugle. You may not post new threads. Race software will display the number of hits after a transponder passing 1 to 50a very low reading may result in cars not being picked up and very high reading may lead to fantom passing’s known as ghosting.


Where there is a choice, please choose the download site closest to you. The one i’ve got has a,brc Prolific PL chipset so anything with that probably isn’t going to work.

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Back to Main To Menu. Instead hundreds of digital transmissions are sent every second with a random time gap between them, the transmission will include the transponders unique id and battery condition in the case of rechargeable units.

Seems to be very few newish laptops that ambec have a serial port, so far i’ve only found a certain model of Dell but we’ve had a Dell fail before so i’m not too keen on that. To change the transponder number different crystals are installed, so the system requires some driver involvement and a large collection of crystals, unless they have to be returned after every race.

RC Lap Counter / R/C Lap Timer Transponder System (like AMB AMBrc)

Serial or Usg cable. Ethernet does have its advantages over USB however, a more secure connection will not drop out if the computer goes into power saving and allows for up to four computers to be connected at the same time. Additional download resource sites.

Now with the newer decoder I use the ITP connection Why not just use a USB cable?

If you have not purchased a license, you can make a single 30 day license to check out bbkRC Pro. Before you update we suggest that you make a backup of the bbkRC subdirectory of c: If two cars pass over the loop at the same time and transmit at the same time then the signal will not make sense to the decoder, because of the random delay the next transmissions will take place at different times allowing the signals to be processed.


Got an adaptor but it doesn’t work, need to get a new laptop for the club so it won’t have RS Chronit produced a system very similar to AMB’s, but they are no longer in existence. AMB have been the market leader in this sector since the early 80’s when they invented a timing computer and then a transponder timing system for model cars, they now produce systems for all kinds of sports there is a history on their web site.

AMBrc decoder not found

Download and run the MSI file. Find More Posts by Ed Anderson. Does anyone know of an easy to get adaptor that does work? After a passing the time, transponder number and some other information is sent to the computer, the timing program then adds a ueb, starts a cars clock etc.

The System 20 called this because it can count twenty cars was introduced in the smbrc 90’s, these are no longer made but are available on the second hand market. Not sure why you need an adapter?