You can see the number of devices that are installed when you plug in the modem Windows 7 screenshot: There are a number of readily available packages which extend the functionality of Go without re-inventing the wheel, so you […]. Recently bought the A Modem but got screwed when it came time for the rebate. Jesus Morga — what about the issue of going over the 5g then speed slowing down. I want to set up a vpn server to view my desktop on my android my touch phone how can I do this with the cricket air modem? Morga is by far the most knowledgeable cellular representative I have ever dealt with.

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The representative will then perform the setup process and make sure the modem connects to the Internet properly. Do you know if I can use ssh for Iphone with Criket broadband. Then OS is restarted.

The USB modem extension Y cable connector labeled 1, is the primary data power cable used to either extend the Cricket A ,odem away from your computer allowing you to locate the modem in a more optimum signal location or solve any computer USB port clearance issues.

Because of the outstanding customer service that Mr. So I have an update for all of you. Provide your debit or credit card information to the representative to prepay for the first month of broadband Internet service.


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The interesting thing is that i can play my MMO even while capped perfectly fine. They do not roam on Sprint or Verizon at all. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Had to browse the files on the install drive.

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Don’t have an account? I will try your suggestion. Jesus Morga — what about the issue of going over the 5g then speed slowing down.

Remember to tell the representative whether it is an old modem of yours and you have an inactive Cricket account, or bought the modem used and have no account. This process merely takes you through the steps to determine if your area has Cricket service and that the modem you have is capable of being activated.

SSHD isnt filtered incoming or outgoing if thats the question. Cricket will repair the Product under Warranty period, the Consumer shall take the Limited Warranty within 30 days the following step-by-step procedure: He puts a good name and face on this company and I will recommend it to everyone I know.

Wireless Broadband has been an offering of their since How does it work? I had Verizon mobile broadband — recently switched over to Cricket. Click the [Restart] button to close the setup wizard. At this point avoid the cst service line and go directly to one of the corporate offices to get this situated.

Click the welcome window to proceed with the [Continue] button.


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While the company offers new mobile broadband modems models regularly, you can purchase a used modem elsewhere and still sign up for monthly Internet access. Cricket Broadband is a waste of your money. I also had a horrible experience with cricket and did not find them to uphold their their representative statements regarding service and terms of contract.

I am using a cricket air modem on my laptop that is running the vpn server. This process may differ from one operating system to another. I would recommend this modem to anyone who is looking for a web connection that is extremely portable and inexpensive.

If you are expecting a wired connection speed then look elsewhere, but as long as your demands are reasonable, you should be happy with Cricket Wireless Broadband.

Also See for A User manual – 44 pages. Although the Y cable is not required for use with your Cricket A modem, it offers increased performance for your modem under certain operating conditions.

I mean first off 4g is just a way to mocem people not well informed of the present technology. When I wave the mouse over the V icon in the bottom of the screen the ip comes up as