As you can imagine its not a very efficient lock, but the smooth power transfer makes it the most streetable limited slip differential. Notice in the picture above how the red line racing line is the straightest of all three lines. Can always swap it out for a standard pumpkin should you hate it. Find More Posts by Sean User Name Remember Me? I learned how to drive s at the limit with a welded diff.

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About a set of tires every months depending upon how aggressive you drive.

Sounds like a breaking sound but it’s just the drivetrain getting loaded Originally Posted by steve shadows A 2 way is worth it. Quote message in reply? Car parks are now your worst enemy.

Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

Find More Posts by swayray. Find More Posts by tbowzer. I was first of the group that Scottie rb25drag welded for. This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat Much more predictable, rain is fun, havnt tried snow yet.


Several types of diff are available for different types of driving. Since the outer wheel needs to rotate a lot more than the inner wheel. General discussion forum about the sx, and a great place to introduce yourself to the board!

Prepare to buy a lot of tires. If you actually enjoy drifting and want to keep with it, rebuild your car and get a 2 way. They are the proper length and spline to fit at least the S Special care should be taken to make the most durable welds possible, some have welded thick bolts onto the spider gears to make for a stronger weld.

Find More Posts by steve shadows.

It will make your car handle alot different. JGTC cars only run spools in the dry. The time now is I burn off tires to fast to really give you a good idea at life span.

welded diff for daily driver yes or no ???? – Nissan SX Forums

Facebook Google Remember Me? The inner wheel is forced to spin at the same amount as the difv wheel. I wanna see a welded VS a 2 way drift just too see who is right!!! It’s not bad, but def a “wtf is that noise” moment.


Policies and guidelines Contact us. I ran a welded diff on my coupe for over a year before selling the car Spools function exactly like a welded.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

I wouldn’t recommend it for daily duties. LSD’s are great but everytime I save for one i spend it on power or suspension. Originally Posted by Ziggatron View Post. Driving in the rain sucks donkey balls.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

Wouldnt go to anything else. Find More Posts by drifting. BB code is On. The diff has 2 plates close together one for each axlesimilar to a clutch type diff, but they never touch each other.